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Botany Manual Vol 2 Elementary

This manual covers Plant physiology--structure and function---charts and experiments, based on the following guidelines:
I. Preservation of life is guaranteed by:
A. The functions of the vegetative life: respiration, digestion, circulation, excretion.
B. The functions of the life of relation: discover the best environment, defense, movement, sensitivity.
II. The conservation of the species is guaranteed by:
A. Reproductive functions: The possibility of producing other lives in great quantities.
B. Protective functions.

291 pages


Botany Manual Vol 1 Elementary

The exercises with classified nomenclature have been discussed in connection with language. Some of these nomenclature exercises should be presented in the Primary class. Of course, if the children have not worked with nomenclature in the primary class, or if they have not had primary class experience, this
must be presented. It is important to make the activities interesting because some of the beginning exercises are not very interesting in themselves.


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