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The Montessori Parent

The Montessori Parent was founded by Montessori Research & Development as a response to a specific communicated need: to help parents and families integrate the Montessori Method into their home environments and their daily lives.

Many families have been affected by the sudden shift we are experiencing in our regular routines due to a global pandemic. Parents, teachers, and children are all adapting to the changes in our approach to school, learning, and teaching, as many schools remain closed to in-person instruction or can offer only a hybrid-learning experience at this time.

The Montessori Parent was created with the intention to provide meaningful connection and helpful resources to those seeking guidance in how to bring this transformative method into their homes. Our mission is to offer the broader Montessori community, particularly parents wishing to homeschool, a resource for implementing Montessori curriculum.



Montessori Research & Development Albums in the Community

The Montessori Research & Development manuals are used by teacher training programs throughout the world, including:

Atlanta Montessori Teacher Education

Montessori Academy of West Covina

Princeton Teacher Education Center

Barry University

Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest

Seton Montessori Institute

CAPD Montessori Training

Montessori Live Training Program

Shelton School & Evaluation Center

Capital College

Montessori Opportunities

South Mountain Montessori Teacher Education

Capital Education Institute

Montessori Teacher Education Center San Francisco Bay Area

South Western Training Center

Cottage Montessori Teacher Education Program

Montessori Training Center

Summit Montessori Teacher Training

Duhovka Montessori Training

Montessori Visions Academy

The Florida Institute of Mont. Studies

Houston Montessori Center

Montessori Western TTP

University of Wisconsin River Falls Montessori Teacher Education

Michigan Montessori TEC

Oklahoma City University

Xavier University